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Why Study With an Online Course?

Let's look at the options

So you know ham radio is important, and you want the benefits of a license. If you're like most people, you've already tried to search the web for some free tool. You end up failing the practice test or stuck searching from page to page to learn the next concept. So maybe you could buy a book. But books don't have interactive practice quizzes or easy to navigate lessons. Can’t new technology do a little better than that? So you download an app! Its great to swipe around and take practice tests, but you don’t get to learn the material.

Ham Radio Prep

That’s why we created Ham Radio Prep. Our online course is the ultimate study tool, because it gives you the flexibility to study on any device, like your phone, but you can still learn all the concepts inside an easy to navigate course. If you’re having trouble with a concept, or just want to go back and test your knowledge, you can easily navigate back in the online course player and review topic by topic. Then, when you’re feeling confident and close to exam day, track your progress with unlimited final exams. Our system is guaranteed to get you ready – many of our students get perfect or near-perfect scores!

Isn’t the exam extremely difficult?

Ham radio is traditionally a bit of an exclusive club – less than half a percent of Americans even have a license. So, it must be really hard to get a license, right? Well, not necessarily. The problem is that until now, there were not a ton of good options for studying the material.

Exam Day

On exam day, get yourself registered and  head down to the local testing center – they are in every state and city, you can find them here. After you pass your exam – remember, you prepared with Ham Radio Prep – the volunteers who administer the test will give you a certificate of completion. Then you just wait for your call-sign to show up in the FCC database and boom! You’re a licensed ham operator.